How To Play Craps: How To Play Craps Properly?

Craps Guide

Originally an American dice game, craps is now one of the casino classics. And today you can experience craps not only in Las Vegas, but also at virtual casinos. How did the game come about and what are the craps game rules? Everything about it in our craps guide.

History of Craps

The dice game Craps in its modern form can be traced back to the early 19th century. The origins of the game are not very well known, but the game is clearly said to be old. According to some historians, the game originated during the time of the Crusades. Later, politician de Mandeville brought craps to Louisiana. The game should also be known to the British, who called this game “Hazards”. And historically, New Orleans is considered one of the centers of this game. This game is also very popular in Las Vegas.

Craps basic rules

Craps is a dice game. Therefore the shooter rolls two dice. It is important that dice are rolled by the player and not the croupier. You have to bet what numbers the dice will show. At the start of the game you also get a token. If the combination totals 11 or 7 (Natural), the player wins the bet. If the dice show a total of 12, 3, or 2 in the first round, it is “Cracking Out” and the player wins his bet.

The sum of 10,9,8,6,5,4 on the dice means “point” or “draw”, only if the dice roll is 8 the shooter has to roll the dice again. If 7 comes out, the player loses his bet. You place bets using a table with different betting areas. Different betting options in craps include Don’t Come Bet, Pass Line Bet, Pass Line Non-Bet, and Come Bet. And craps is played until there are no more bets and the winning number is hit.

Craps Betting Options In Detail

Craps Guide

Since the gameplay in craps is not that complicated, the craps rules are obviously not the most difficult part of playing craps. It is difficult to internalize different betting options and use them cleverly. Therefore, in this article we have listed and explained the most popular craps betting options or bets.

The Pass Line bet.

This bet is the basic bet in craps. You bet that the first bet with a total of 11 or 7 will be won. The house edge on this bet is 1.41%. The payout ratio is 1:1. So if the bet wins, the shooter gets paid the amount equal to his stake. However, if a number other than 12,2, or 3 is rolled, it becomes the next winning number.

The Don’t Pass Line bet.

Craps Guide

As the name of the bet suggests, this bet is the opposite of the Pass Line bet. You bet on the shooter losing the first throw or the second throw. So you bet that you will roll craps or 7 dice. As with the Pass Line bet, the payout ratio here is 1:1.

The come out bet.

After the first throw, the Craps Come Out Roll takes place if you have scored a point after the first throw. The bet is considered won when 11 or 7 comes up. As with the Pass Line bet, there is the opposite of this bet, Don’t Come Out bet.

The Place Bet.

This bet is easy to understand: you place the bet on one of the numbers (10,9,8,4,5,6). And one of these place numbers should be rolled before 7. Then the bet is won.

Other craps bets include the field bet, the proposition bet, the point bet, the hardway bet, the big six bet. And since the list is very large, we won’t list them all. Craps is an adventure, and to experience it you have to immerse yourself in the world of craps!

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