Online Craps Tips: How To Increase Your Odds Of Winning This Game


The classic casino dice game, Craps is part of the basic equipment of almost every modern online casino. But if you don’t just play for fun, you have to learn various craps strategies in order to minimize your losses and increase your winnings. If you are also interested in this, you will get seven tips from our experts in this Craps article.

Calculate the house edge for each bet

Many craps fans often forget that each craps betting option has its own rules and house edge. The house edge varies between 2.78% and 16.67% depending on the bet in the middle area of the table. The middle bets are characterized by the lowest house edge in the game, and the basic bets Pass Line Bet and Don’t Pass Line Bet, on the other hand, offer players the highest probabilities of winning. Consider the house edges and payouts of the betting forms before moving on to them in the game.

Do not use the Martingale betting system


A popular gambling strategy, the Martingale system is not suitable for craps. It has to do with the fact that craps is based entirely on luck. Therefore, there is no connection between the amount of stakes and betting odds. If you double your bet after losing in craps, the next game can also end in a loss. And you lose twice as much money as before.

Stick to the limits

This rule is one of the principles that you need to know when playing in the casino. It doesn’t work without a bankroll and managing your own finances! Set your monthly bankroll and bet size before you start playing. Be careful when calculating game stakes by betting systems: they are suitable for sports betting, not dice games. So focus more on your bankroll than on specific strategies.

Lower the house edge with a strategy

There are two craps strategies that can significantly reduce the house edge in the game. According to the first strategy, you have to bet on No Pass Line bets and then on odds bets. The second strategy is to start with come and pass and add other betting options.

Be familiar with craps betting options


Craps is characterized by many betting options (Point, Field, Pass, Don’t Pass, etc.). Each of them has its own rules and house edge. Therefore, it is advisable to study all bets in order to quickly make correct decisions during the game. If you don’t know the rules yet, write down all the bets on a piece of paper and always have them in front of you when you play.

Play Craps In Demo Mode

Because of the many forms of betting, craps is not a particularly easy game. So it’s best to play craps online at an online casino for play money before depositing real money. This allows you to better understand and practice all forms of betting without risking any money. Learn all the possibilities so well that you can master them even in your sleep! This is how you can really master craps over time.

Learn craps terms

Understanding terms like “Point,” “Field,” or “Pass Line” is essential if you want to be a pro at craps. Even though these terms can be translated into German, you will encounter these English terms in every craps game.

Have fun playing craps! Follow the rules above and you’ll love craps!

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