Moving to Newcastle Upon Tyne?

We would love to help!

Whether you’re moving for work, as a student, to be closer to family or for a fresh start Destiny Church wants to welcome you and say “This is a great place to live, work, find friends and find faith”.


Can we help?  if you’d like informal advice about where to locate and the 101 things that moving to a new city entails please ask! Call Pastor Tim who will be glad to help or direct you to and appropriate person /organisation. We have 100’s of great contacts that you can tap into – just give Tim a text or call on 07794506136.


Find us on Sundays. Whether you want to ‘peek in’ to an online service or to come in person you are most welcome. We meet face to face from 4th April 2021 and simultaneously stream to Facebook Live on our site Destiny Church Newcastle, where daily prayers take place and all kinds of announcements. We also have a sister Facebook site Destiny StreetWorx which is geared up to manage volunteers and help our friends on the street.


So welcome to Newcastle Upon Tyne. We hope you’ll have a great move, that God will help you and that you can pay us a visit when you land!