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Endorsement from Pastors Tim and Allison Brown: Destiny Church Newcastle

This is our story:
‘At around two years old both our son’s hands were badly burned in an accident. The hospital bandaged them up and said “There’s nothing else we can do. Come back when you have been to your G.P. in about 10 days and then we will need to perform around 30 operations to cut and stretch his palms otherwise when he grows he will develop ‘claw hands’. He cried day and night from the pain. It was heart breaking. We prayed like our life depended on it and took our son to see Andrew Owen who also prayed for him. When the 10 day were over, my wife took him to the doctors to have the dressings removed. His hands were perfectly healed. There was not a mark, no scars, blisters or anything. Our son grew up to be a guitarist and architect – both of which require good use of his hands. You can hear him play the guitar in the band at the Healing Meeting and please feel free to ask if you can examine his hands!’
We want to encourage you to come and find a healing from God at this great event. We have known Andrew Owen for over 32 years and can assure you he is a man of integrity and knows God personally. We have seen first hand, sometimes only centimetres away, that God has used him to heal people, thousands of times, and for all kinds of miracles to occur. It’s easy to think ‘Who is this man and can he do anything?’
On one level Andrew would say himself ‘Its God who heals not me or any other person’. That’s good to know. You are not placing yourself (or your loved ones) in anyone’s hands but God’s. He is the healer and when we pray and do things according to His Word the Bible, then we can see His miraculous power at work. Here’s some of the things the Bible says about healing and miracles:


Acts 3:16 ‘By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through him that has completely healed him, as you can all see.’
Jeremiah 32:27 ‘“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?’
Luke 18:27 ‘Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” ‘


These are just three verses from the hundreds of promises in The Bible. We have seen legs grow, x2 people with cataracts immediately healed and sight fully restored, cancers, leg and neck pain, strokes, heart disease, MS, etc. etc. healed in these kind of healing meetings. Don’t let the cynics rob you of your healing. Just come and look. It’s a free event. Then when you see and hear what God can do you are free to receive personal prayer. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Here’s a healing that happened less than a month ago to a lady in Blyth, Northumberland. She came to a Christian meeting in someone’s home for the very first time. At the end she asked for prayer as she was very stooped over and in constant pain in both legs. She ‘felt something’ as she was prayed for, and after saying ‘goodbye’ went to her car and was driven home. The next day as she came to get out of the car in Morrison’s car park she felt her complete healing  – pain free and straightening up as she got out of the car. She literally danced around the car park according to her husband. Its made a complete change to her whole life.
Time after time we have seen God’s power at work and personal miracles happening for people.
Is the 30th May your night for a miracle? Please come and receive what God has for you.

Here’s some more testimonies of healing. Some of these people will be there and give their story on the night!

God Healed me of Chronic back pain Mr T.C.
“I had to go into hospital to have a cataract removed from my eye. The day before  I decided to go for prayers. As I waited in the queue to be prayed for, I suddenly felt my eye was better and told my wife immediately. The next day I went for my hospital appointment in Newcastle RVI and when the doctor looked in my ‘bad eye’ he said ‘oh someone’s made a mistake and put down the wrong eye in your notes.’ Then they looked in my other eye which was perfect too. Then they called other doctors to have a look. When I told them what had happened the doctor in charge said ‘ If I write you a letter would you go to Sunderland Hospital and show my Consultant colleague?’ On my letter from the RVI hospital it said “This man has undergone a healing procedure at his local (Destiny) church and has not had an operation to remove his cataract which has completely gone”. Mr C.B.
“I was in bed in complete agony for months on end. I knew every crack in my ceiling as all I could do was lie there and stare. One day I was taken to a Christian healing type meeting where I received prayer. I was wonderfully and completely healed and now have more energy, strength and fitness that I would have believed possible. I can say that God totally healed me.’ J.B.
“As I was crossing Pilgrim Street to go to the church meeting I felt something change in my eye. My vision cleared and I knew God had healed me. When I went to the hospital for a pre app check up they confirmed that both eyes were completely healed.’ Liz


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